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Our expert 4x4 automotive technicians are available for all your servicing, repair and maintenance needs for all 4x4 makes and models. We only use premium grade oils and automotive parts and products and the latest EFI diagnostic technology so we can guarantee your vehicle will tackle any terrain.  


And we don't just fix them and keep them running - we offer a full range of 4x4 services from fitting lift kits and accessories to performing wheel alignments with our top of the range Hunter Wheel Aligner. 


Your safety and taking care of your 4x4 is our priority to give you peace of mind that your 4x4 will perform not only on a daily basis but also when you need it the most.

We also offer pre-trip inspections to give you peace of mind that your 4x4 is in optimum condition before that big trip when it isn't due for a service! 



All suspension & lift kits

Love those tough looking wheel and tyre packages but not sure they'll fit? Worried about some of those obstacles on your next 4x4 adventure?

Sounds like you need a lift kit! Not only will it counteract the heavy gear you have on your roof rack or drawer system, it’ll give you the confidence to really attack those difficult tracks. Ask our professional team about lifting the height of your vehicle quickly and easily.

You can see some of our "Spartan Makeovers" below:

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