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A Certificate of Roadworthiness (also known as a ‘roadworthy’ or ‘RWC’) shows that your vehicle’s safe enough to be used on public roads.



When do I need a roadworthy?


A roadworthy is required whenever a vehicle’s sold, if it’s being re-registered, and to clear some defect notices. 


How much does a roadworthy cost?


The cost for most unmodified standard passenger vehicle is $229 which is inclusive of GST. 

If your vehicle is modified, is older, has drum brakes that are difficult to remove, is a vehicle seeking Club Plates, is a larger four wheel drive (or a two wheel drive derivative) or is a vehicle that has had V.A.S.S. engineering will require extended inspection time which may incur additional charges. 


How long will the roadworthy take?


We recommend that your vehicle is left with us for the day. During the roadworthy inspection our qualified technicians will take around 50-100 digital pictures of your vehicle which requires cataloguing and storing in accordance with Vic Roads guidelines using specialised software. Around half of these images are uploaded to the VicRoads portal along with a detailed report.  Photographs require the removal of plastic undercarriage trays (if fitted), placing the car on the hoist, performing a brake test, removing all wheels and taking for extensive test drives - all of which takes time and is required to be done in accordance with VicRoads requirements. 

What does this process involve?

Once we have completed the first inspection, if the vehicle complies with the roadworthy act then a certificate of roadworthiness is issued which is valid for 30 days. 

In accordance with VicRoads guidelines we no longer issue manual certificates.

VicRoads now issue e-Certificates which are emailed to the recipient once the vehicle has passed inspection.


If the first inspection reveals some defects whether major or minor VicRoads allow fourteen days for the vehicle to be re-presented with the defects rectified.  A second inspection is performed, repairs photographed, and if satisfactory, the Roadworthy certificate is then issued.
This certificate is valid for 30 days from the date of the second inspection. 


There is no charge for the second inspection. If the vehicle is not re-presented in the fourteen day time frame with the defects rectified, then the initial Roadworthy certificate will be automatically cancelled by VicRoads and a new inspection will be performed.


Why should I choose Spartan to perform my roadworthy?


While we may not be the cheapest around, we pride ourselves on our honesty and transparency. Other establishments may quote a cheap price and hide the extra in the repairs. We charge what it costs us to perform a roadworthy so we will not be looking elsewhere to recoup that lost amount. 

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