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General and Logbook Servicing
















Our skilled technicians can service any tyre of car you may own in our state of the art workshop. 

At Spartan Tyre & Service Centre, we will communicate with you every step of the way. Provide us with your registration and kilometres and you will receive a quote from our friendly team. Should we discover other items that need attention during the course of your service, we will call to advise and re-quote, and only if we receive your go-ahead will we complete this additional work.  You will also be advised on whether these additional items need immediate attention, need to be done at your next service, or will be monitored. 




Will servicing my car at Spartan instead of the dealership void my new car warranty?


Definitely not! You don’t have to get your car serviced at the dealership to retain your car service warranty. New car warranties provided by manufacturers are still valid if you have your car serviced by a licenced mechanic who ensures they use products suitable for your car and that the service details are recorded in your logbook and then stamped.  Servicing your vehicle with Spartan will not void your car’s service warranty under the consumer protection guarantee provided by the ACCC.


Why should I have a logbook service done?


Keeping your logbook is up to date will ensure that your car is safe and running well and minimises risk of mechanical failures. Your logbook is an accurate record of your car's service and maintenance history, so when it comes time to sell or trade your car in - this will increase the sale price of your vehicle.

How do I know when my car needs a service?

Manufacturers set recommended guidelines for the regular upkeep and servicing of their vehicles. This is done either by date or by kilometres driven and is detailed in a logbook provided upon purchase of your vehicle.  There are tests, maintenance and part replacements that are specific to each service.  Our technicians ensure every service is completed to the manufacturer standard. 

I'm struggling to find a time that suits me with my busy schedule, how can you help me?

We know your time is precious, so we can find a time to service your vehicle that works with your schedule - and we even offer a complimentary customer courtesy vehicle should this make it easier for you to come and see us. 





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