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Tyres & Wheel Alignments


The beauty of being an independent store is that we are not limited in what we can supply - we can get you any tyre you desire and at the best price because we have the freedom to get our products from wherever we like!


We've got you covered when it comes to passenger tyres, light truck tyres, performance tyres, all terrain-tyres, mud tyres and economical tyres - and we cater to any budget! 

Our Hunter HawkEye aligner is the best of the best. This amazing piece of equipment has pinpoint accuracy which makes it the most powerful wheel alignment machine on the market today. 

We know that our unparalleled customer service and knowledge will get the right tyres for you car, every time and our state of the art aligner will ensure you get maximum usage out of them.



What information do you need to quote me on some new tyres?


This is a question we get often. Normally we can find your vehicle's tyre size from some basic information like make and model of your vehicle or your registration. If you have changed your wheel size or we cannot find this information, you may have to manually check the size of your tyres on your vehicle so that we can accurately quote you. 


How can I find the size of my tyre?


The size will appear on the side wall of your tyre - when you know what you are looking for it's quite easy to see! 

Please refer to our guide below: once you do you will see that the tyre in the image is a 195/55R16. Once we have this set of numbers we can quickly and accurately provide you with a quote. 

When should I have a wheel alignment performed?

The symptoms of your vehicle being out of alignment are:

  • Uneven or rapid tire wear.

  • Vibration in the wheels 

  • Steering wheel being crooked when you are driving straight.

  • Noisy Steering.

  • Pulling to the right or left.

  • Squealing tires.

Wheel alignments ensure that everything in your vehicle's suspension is nice and straight so we recommend that you have an alignment with every new set of tyres purchased to prolong their wear as well as every 10,000 km.  Having a regular alignment and tyre rotation schedule ensures that you'll get the most from your tyres and aims to prevent uneven wear.

What is done during a wheel alignment?

During an alignment, your vehicle is driven onto the hoist and the wheels are rotated and adjusted, so they’re properly aligned to fit your vehicle, driving preferences, and manufacturer recommendations.


During the alignment, the wheels can have camber, caster, and toe adjustments done. Camber refers to how much a tyre tilts inward and outward from the vehicle. Caster is how much a tyre is angled forward or backward. Toe is how much a tyre is tilted inward or outward from a bird’s eye view.

Our technicians will adjust these to within normal parameters and a print out will be given to you to confirm this. 

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